Thursday, January 3, 2008

One Huge Mountain Lion

Urban Legend update: Catamount orgin

Marshall and Barbara Rader said that on a dark night in early December, they were driving north on Highway 64 about halfway between Williams and Valle when a huge cougar leapt in front of their Ford F350 truck.Marshall - who hunts lions and displays mounted game animals at his Double Eagle Trading Co. in Valle - knew right off it was unusually large."His head was at the right front headlight, and his tail was in the other lane," Marshall said.He had no chance to brake. The truck ran over the lion.The couple pulled over and found the lion under a tree, alive but unable to get up. It still was able to put off a serious growl, but it clearly was beyond rehabilitation.When they called 9-1-1 for help, the dispatcher said they couldn't put the animal down. They had to wait for a Department of Public Safety officer to arrive. DPS officer Jason Ellico just happened to be a local Boy Scout leader who taught youngsters about hunting and processing game, so the Raders agreed to let him skin the lion as a demonstration for the boys. It is Ellico who is posing with the lion in the photos.

(Reprint from the Prescott Daily Courier 1-22-08)

While on the subject of Cougars, this one tripped a motion sensor camera right before a midnight snack.


Catalyst said...


Granny J said...

That's one big cat!I had heard about the incident but want to thank you for the pictures.

Anonymous said...

This story doesn't compute. Who is this fellow? Is he part of Fish and Game? Why is this cat in his garage? If the animal was fit enough after being 'hit' - okay enough to lunge at F&G - why was it 'euthanized'? It could not have been sedated? There are vets in the area that care for wild animals and release them back in the wild.

Most troubling is the smile on this guys face. Why so happy about the death of a beautiful cat?

If this fellow is a private citizen, how did he end up with the cat? Isn't F&G protocol for euthanized animals to dispose of them?

Scarlett Schultz

Anonymous said...

Yeah, where's the rest of the story? It sounds like the lion was 'stunned' by the vehicle, got it's wits about it and was then shot by Fish & Game. And WHO IS THIS GUY? That's how hunters pose with their kills. F&G gave this guy the dead lion to take home? Was it even the F&G who killed it? How much damage was done to the vehicle that hit it? Something's fishy about this whole thing!

It's such a shame to see such a magnificant animal dead with a man smiling about it. Is he going to turn it into a rug? Are we ever going to evolve?

Prescottstyle said...

I must say the man holding the lion has a disturbing look on his mug. But I will assume that all is above board with this unfortunate kill.

Anonymous said...

Not sure who the guy is but I noticed in the top picture there are a lot of antlers and other trophies in the upper left corner. Maybe this cat was a trophy kill.

Whatever the case, that is one huge cat, bigger than any I've ever seen.

grog said...

if you read the basic post it says that a man who hunts and mounts animals was unable to stop his vehicle yet was well able to assess the size of his potential kill proir to impact. Then as nobody who WOULD kill the stunned creature was available they employed a local thug to kill and skin it (sorry about the use of the word thug, that may insult some Asian readers who are Thugs and are proud of their calling)
This Creature should have been treated by a Vet and if unsaveable, disposed of as road kill, not a trophy.

Prescottstyle said...

No apologies necessary Graham, I struggle to stay within the language guidelines myself.
The cat undoubtedly deserved a more dignified death. I spoke to a rancher here in town about this and he thought it was odd that this cat was poised next to the highway ready to jump into the path of a passing truck. Cougars are mostly found in the background, not next to a busy road.

gonzoboy said...

With all the 'buzz' surrounding this image, the PrescottStyle website has gone from one hi-lighting the nuances of this cozy mountain town, to a site more dovetailed with The Animal Planet! I have received news and hard-copy photos of this image from 3 distinctly, and wholly different sources, i.e., individuals from County gov., the manufacturing and private business sectors. One common thread: Everyone recognizes the pic as a once proud (..and living!) mountain lion. After this, precious few agree on the authenticity of this staged photo, and/or the storied events leading up to said photo(s). For me, other than recognizing the novelty of this image as a man next to a big dead cat, my only question is: Can ALL these skeptics be WRONG?!!

John said...

I live in Prescott Az and know this to be a factual photo. Where this was killed was 40+ miles from a town. In Az anyone can hunt Mt. Lions at any time.

Prescottstyle said...

Yea John, You can hunt mnt. lion in Az. but the lions are revolting now and hunting people.

bedher said...

que belleza la que tiene, se nota tan sosegado!